Halloween before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving before Christmas

We love the Autumn Holidays!We are here to share our fun Thanksgiving products with you, but we are also here to celebrate Autumn and remind everyone that the Autumn holidays are well before Christmas! While we definitely want to promote Thanksgiving and everything that is wonderful about it, we also know that so many people really enjoy the Halloween holiday as well! While it is still quite hot (as of today!) where we are here in Central Illinois, the trees have started to change and you can buy a pumpkin at the grocery store now! We feel like Fall may be on its’ way. and you can start thinking about those great Fall holidays. Get ready to gear up for Halloween and then Thanksgiving.

Halloween History – The Fall Holiday BEFORE Thanksgiving

Halloween is thought to have started back in ancient Celtic times during the festival Samhain. That’s almost 2000 years ago! People believed that people would turn into ghosts and would leave food and wine out for the ghosts to keep them out. Today Halloween is more about trick or treating with your children, decorating your yard with scary and fun Halloween decor, and bobbing for apples at Halloween parties. What we know is that it is just about a month before Thanksgiving and it gets us geared up for our favorite holiday – Thanksgiving!

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The main thing that we want to recognize is that one of the things we dislike the most about this time of year is how Christmas shows up before Summer is officially over. We definitely don’t want to forget Halloween, and we are glad to pay a tribute to the fun, Fall holiday. Enjoy the days of Fall while you can. They quickly move into snow and Christmas, which we do love. We just want to make sure the Autumn holidays that we love get paid their due as well. So for all of you that love Halloween and Thanksgiving – here’s to you!

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