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The Thanksgiving First Story:


How many times, while shopping in the fall months, have you been blindsided by the first Christmas song wafting through the store? It’s seriously unbelievable how early merchants decide to fill us with the Christmas spirit. I’ve listened to music “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”music as I’m staring at Frankenstein or witches hanging in front of me in a store aisle! Unfortunately, it’s not rare anymore to see Halloween and Christmas merchandise right across the aisle from each other. You get over it and go about your shopping, but what’s missing?




“Why is Thanksgiving always swallowed up by Christmas? It’s just too soon!” Each fall, when my husband David and I hear our first Christmas song, we have this same discussion. But is Thanksgiving really forgotten? We don’t think so. We love Thanksgiving. We NEED Thanksgiving – and we know we’re not alone. While we really do love Christmas, we believe it needs to get back in its place. Let us celebrate Thanksgiving first! (Hence, our name!) It seems more and more necessary that we give Thanksgiving more consideration in our country. It really is a perfect opportunity to give thanks for family and friends, and the blessings, freedoms, and opportunities we are afforded.


David has always had a thing about not crossing the different holidays (as Egon said to Venkman in “Ghostbusters”; “DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS!” Why? Because “It would be bad.”). Ha! That’s kinda how we feel. It’s just logical: basically, October = Halloween, November = Thanksgiving, December = Christmas. We don’t put up Halloween decorations, or listen to the “Monster Mash” or watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” until October 1st. Then, on November 1st we take down some of the decorations (because let’s face it, pumpkin stuff can stay up for Thanksgiving too. BONUS!), put up the Thanksgiving decorations, watch the one and only famous Thanksgiving movie, “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles,” and listen to Thanksgiving music. (Oh, wait … there isn’t any Thanksgiving music … just saying … hint, hint). And finally, AFTER Thanksgiving, we switch it all out for Christmas decor, lights, music, and movies!


But, last year, during our usual “Christmas is overshadowing Thanksgiving” conversation, we actually started to think of funny quips, like you see on the internet. We decided we wouldn’t mind wearing these quips on a shirt to show our support for Thanksgiving. Then, David said, “Well, you’re a graphic designer. Why don’t you create these shirts? I’d wear them!” So, that’s what I did, and together that’s how our adventure begins.


We’re so excited to have a place to express our love for Thanksgiving, and we believe there are other like-minded people who are looking for this same expression. What we’ve created is all about Thanksgiving. Some shirts and other apparel are designed to push back against Christmas, so we can celebrate Thanksgiving first; some are fun shirts about Thanksgiving day; and others are about the faith aspect that so many attributes to this holiday. Please take a look, and  visit our online store.


Our website gives a little history and has a bit of fun, but mostly it promotes and celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday. We know that life is not always easy or fair, but hopefully, we can find a little Thanksgiving to share with everyone. Finally, your purchases will not only support the website but also benefit the nonprofits we’ve teamed up with since it is even more important to us to give thanks by giving back. If you want to give us suggestions or provide something Thanksgiving-related, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@thanksgiving-first.com. We would love to hear from you!


So, if you feel the way we do, come join us in our inaugural run in this adventure as we celebrate

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